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Trusted by farriers and horse owners worldwide

In the world of horseshoes, few names resonate as strongly as Royal Kerckhaert. With a rich history spanning several generations, this esteemed company has earned its place as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of horseshoes, trusted by farriers and horse owners worldwide.

The story of Royal Kerckhaert begins over a century ago when it was founded in 1906 by Honoré Kerckhaert, the Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory has a rich history steeped in craftsmanship and dedication.

The History of Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoes

The company’s journey began with HonorĂ© handcrafted horseshoes, which won the prestigious first prize at the national agricultural show in Scheveningen. In 1916, the introduction of horseshoe-making machines revolutionised production, allowing Kerckhaert to produce high-quality machine-made horseshoes.

Despite the challenges faced during World War II, where many horseshoe factories succumbed to competition, Kerckhaert persevered. As the agricultural landscape shifted towards mechanisation, the demand for horseshoes declined. However, Kerckhaert’s commitment to excellence and adaptability allowed them to overcome these hurdles.

In 1964, Rudy Kerckhaert, the third generation of the family, joined the company and continued to build upon his predecessors’ success. With the growing interest in horse riding, the demand for horseshoes soared, exceeding Kerckhaert’s production capacity. This prompted the company to make significant investments in expanding its production lines.

Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoes - History | Colesdale
Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoes - Range of Horseshoes | Colesdale

In 1992, the fourth generation, represented by Michiel and Martin, joined the business and brought fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. They explored new markets worldwide, designing new shoe styles to meet the evolving needs of horse owners. Despite their expansion and global reach, Kerckhaert remained true to its family-oriented values, with Rudy overseeing the company’s ongoing expansion.

To support their growing operations, Kerckhaert established a state-of-the-art 5000m2 warehouse and distribution centre. In 2007, they proudly unveiled their new head offices, reflecting their commitment to excellence and forward-thinking approach.

In recognition of their outstanding contribution to the industry, Kerckhaert was granted the prestigious “Royal” title in 2008, solidifying its reputation as a trusted and respected brand.

Colesdale and Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoes

At Colesdale, we are proud to have forged a strong partnership with Royal Kerckhaert over the past two decades. As trailblazers in our field, we were the first business to introduce Kerckhaert horseshoes and tools to South Africa over two decades ago.

This partnership has enabled local horse owners and farriers to access one of the best horseshoe brands in the business.

Just like Kerckhaert, Colesdale is a family-owned business with a rich history and a commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. We hope to continue to grow our relationship with this respected company for many decades to come and plan to expand the range we supply SA as we do so.

Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoes - Range | Colesdale

Currently, we offer a wide range of horseshoe families from Kerckhaert. Each family is uniquely designed with specific features and functions in mind, providing optimal support and comfort for your horses.

We are committed to providing the South African equestrian industry with premium and trusted products, and our extensive selection of Kerckhaert horseshoes and tools reflects that commitment.

Explore some of the exceptional families of horseshoes that we stock and supply.

Royal Kerckhaert Exceptional Families of Horseshoes