Horseshoe Nails

Mondial horseshoe nails are used and recognised by professional farriers all over the world.

All of the products are only launched after in-depth research, process controls and technical tests. Working with both farriers and veterinarians, the company ensures that both innovation and quality targets are met.

Mondial takes part in the most important trade fairs and farriers’ conventions around the world. This way they receive continuous feedback on their products and can learn about new innovations and developments within the equine industry.

This Italian company boasts over 100 years of history and offers its customers a wide range of products divided into five main categories:

  • Nails for sport and saddle horses
  • Nails for race horses
  • Nails for saddle horses – American style
  • Nails for draft horses
  • Nails for oxen

Three generations dedicated to horseshoe nails

Metallurgica Rusconi began production of horse nails back in 1923 in the historical quarter in the city of Erba, 50 km north of Milan, in Italy.

The company, now run by the third generation of the Rusconi family, still has its headquarters in Erba, but in a new plant with modern production equipments where the traditional skills of the craftsman have been enhanced by technological innovation.

Achieving state of the art production of such a highly traditional item as the horse nail has meant a continuous process of development over the years.

Colesdale and Mondial

At Colesdale, we are proud to have forged a strong relationship with Mondial. As leaders in our field, we offer a number of the Mondial horseshoe nails online and in our store.

Our relationship with this company has enabled local farriers to have access to great quality horseshoe nails.

Currently, we offer a wide range of nails from Mondial, including the popular E series and E Slim Series.

We are committed to providing the South African equestrian industry with premium and trusted products, and our extensive selection of Horseshoe Nails is testament to this.

Mondial Horseshoe Nails