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Horseshoe Nails

Royal Kerckhaert – Liberty Horse Shoe Nails

A Nail Revolution

In 2010 Royal Kerckhaert introduced Liberty horseshoe nails, innovative, uncompromising horseshoe nails, designed and made by Kerckhaert, from start to finish.

Liberty horseshoe nails are a perfect fit in Kerckhaert horseshoes and have many improvements compared to traditionally made horseshoe nails.

In order to make superior quality horseshoe nails, Kerckhaert had to completely reinvent the traditional manufacturing technology, making them better than everything that was available before.

Liberty horseshoe nails are made to benefit the horse, farrier and horse owner:

  • They are technically advanced
  • Made from a durable steel core that easily lasts 8-10 weeks
  • Provide easy clinching
  • Require fewer hammer blows
  • Choice of steel or the additional option of Cu Shield Technology™
Liberty Horseshoe Nails – A Nail Revolution | Colesdale

Liberty Nails cause less damage to the hoof:

  • Extra smooth finish
  • Extra sharp point
  • Bevelled edges
  • Less damage to the inside of the hoof & less chipping on the outside

Liberty horseshoe nails are available both as traditional (steel) horseshoe nails and with the additional option of Copper (Cu) Shield Technology™.

Liberty Cu Nails have the same characteristics as all Liberty horseshoe nails. Additionally the copper does not rust or wear inside the hoof and when used on a daily basis hoof wall, white line and sole are stronger and healthier.

Royal Kerckhaert Liberty Horseshoe Nails