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Our commitment to excellence is showcased through our extensive selection of products and services. We specialise in crafting and manufacturing our very own line of Endeavon supplements, poultices and horse care, tailored specifically for horses and pets.

Moreover, we are proud to be a distinguished distributor of the renowned Royal Kerckhaert premium horseshoes.

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Endeavon Product Line

The exhilaration of watching your racehorse excel on the track is a result that comes from much more than their training regimen, diet, or the expertise of their trainer and jockey.

It is the result of a wholistic approach that encompasses every aspect of their care, ensuring they perform at their absolute best. That’s where Endeavon equine care, poultices, and supplements come into play.

Our range is meticulously crafted to provide your racehorse with that extra edge they need to outperform the competition.

Furthermore, our products are designed to support more than just the well-being of horses. They also ensure that your working animals and pets are in optimum condition.

Aftercare Products For Race Horses | Colesdale
Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoes - Horseshoe Factory | Colesdale

Royal Kerckhaert Horse Shoe Range

In the world of horseshoes, few names resonate as strongly as Royal Kerckhaert. With a rich history spanning several generations, this esteemed company has earned its place as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of horseshoes, trusted by farriers and horse owners worldwide.

At Colesdale, we are proud to have forged a strong partnership with Royal Kerckhaert over the past two decades. As trailblazers in our field, we were the first business to introduce Kerckhaert horseshoes and tools to South Africa over two decades ago.

This partnership has enabled local horse owners and farriers to access one of the best horseshoe brands in the business.

Liberty – A Nail Revolution

In 2010 Royal Kerckhaert introduced Liberty horseshoe nails, innovative, uncompromising horseshoe nails, designed and made by Kerckhaert, from start to finish.

Liberty horseshoe nails are a perfect fit in Royal Kerckhaert horseshoes and have many improvements compared to traditionally made horseshoe nails.

In order to make superior quality horseshoe nails, Kerckhaert had to completely reinvent the traditional manufacturing technology, making them better than everything that was available before.

Liberty horseshoe nails are made to benefit the horse, farrier and horse owner:

  • They are technically advanced
  • Made from a durable steel core that easily lasts 8-10 weeks
  • Provide easy clinching
  • Require fewer hammer blows
  • Choice of steel or the additional option of Cu Shield Technology™
Liberty Nails by Royal Kerckhaert | Colesdale